Saturday, January 9, 2010

Agnes Grey

I have finished my first book from my reading challenges. I wanted to start off with a Bronte book, so I chose to read Agnes Grey. These are not the type of books that I would normally make a first priority to read, as other things seem to catch my interest more. Not that I don't like them, I do indeed. Something else just always seem to catch my eye. I love the time period though, and I enjoy all of the movies. These books are great, and beautifully written and I'm glad I joined this challenge so that it gave me a reason to read it. I love books that capture and pull me into the story, and sometimes these novels tend to drag on and on until I've read a few paragraphs and have no idea what I just read. I'm excited that I completed this book though, and I look forward to other books by the Bronte sisters.

Agnes Grey is a story about a girl raised in a good home, being the baby of the family. She is somewhat spoiled, not in a bad way, but everyone has always done everything for her. Her family is not poor, but not rich either, so she decides to become a governess to help her family out. She became a governess to two different households, both in which she cared for bratty kids, and not the best of parents.

I did like the story of Agnes Grey. I felt bad for while she enduring her life as a governess. I've worked in daycare, so I know what its like to deal with those kind of people. However, I loved that she stay true to herself, although I wished at times that she could have stuck up for herself more. That is where we differ though, I am known for not being able to hold my tongue at times, something I've had to work on...but I guess in those times she knew it was just part of her job.

The love story was good, although at times I would find myself saying "Okay...DO something already!" It was obvious to me what would end up happening, but still fun to read. The text was actually very easy to read, and the book wasn't very long. I finished it within a few hours.

I have a feeling I'll be done with these challenges pretty early on...I'm a very fast reader. Plus, when there is a good book to read, I tend to ignore everything else around me and want to put all my focus into that book...I love when I get drawn in...but I need to learn to put a book down so I can do everything else that needs to be done! I'm already over 100 pages into my next book...and I just got all my books yesterday afternoon!


  1. I felt the same way about Agnes being so fast and easy to read. I feel like she is the easiest of the Bronte sisters to read as the language doesn't get too complicated or hard to understand. Quick and easy and a great start!

  2. Well, I am going to have to read it now - I am feeling left out!
    I am reading an Austen "sequel" - more about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy after the wedding. I'll have to post about it when I finish it.